12 September
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The Last Peaceful Place on Earth - Life On The Bonneville Salt Flats for “Speed Week”

September 6, 2017

Still Wild - How A Conservation Film Became a Mission To Save A Friend From ALS

How a conservation film became a mission to save a friend from ALS

When Director/Filmmaker Andy Best and friend Chad Kendrick of Treeline Outdoors, set out to film Still Wild, it was impossible to know the legacy this production could leave behind. Just days after wrapping the film, Kendrick was diagnosed with ALS, and the production has since grown from a beautiful film about the importance of wildlife conservation to a legacy piece about his life and love for the outdoors.

Since, Chad has been fighting for his life and has lost mobility in his arms, hands, and is swiftly moving to his legs and lungs. This has rendered him unable to hold his newborn son. The film has since become a way to share his story in order to help raise awareness of his illness and ALS as a whole. It has become an effort to help save one of our own.

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The Film Camp Giving Disabled Talent a Chance to Shine

August 19, 2017