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20 February
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Corona Helps You Escape The Urban Jungle With This VR Installation

September 15, 2017

The Making Of Audi's Quattro AR Coaster

The quattro coaster lets you virtually build a track and drive an Audi quattro wherever you like, through all four seasons. You can also explore a detailed 360° view of both inside and outside the car. The app includes 3D and true-to-scale models of the Audi Q2, the Audi Q5, the Audi Q7 and the Audi A7 quattro®. It gives you an accurate impression of the design and features of the cars.

Enjoy the ride!

Advertising agency: POL, Oslo
Produced by: DVA Studio, Stockholm


Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience

August 10, 2017