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15 August

Back to the Moon: 360 Google Doodles/Spotlight Stories

August 7, 2018

How Guinness and R/GA made a VR tasting experience for all five senses

Guinness is bringing a virtual reality beer tasting experience to Tesco stores across the UK in a campaign by R/GA London. As customers taste three new beers, they are immersed in an abstract environment where they experience colours, textures, movements and sounds that are meant to enhance the flavour profiles. The voice of Peter Simpson, master brewer at the Guinness Open Gate brewery in Dublin, guides users through the tasting.

R/GA consulted food and flavour scientist Professor Charles Spence to design the experience, and MPC created the animated visuals and sonic environment.


The TVC for NBA VR - Its pretty funny - Get Real with NBA VR - by Intel

March 26, 2018