20 September

Meet the Man Responsible for Music's Most Memorable Album Artwork

September 20, 2016

NZ Now Have NitFlux

September 24, 2016

Collective : Unconscious

collective:unconscious is an anthology feature in which five of independent film’s most daring directors literally adapt each other’s dreams for the screen. It’s, “like nothing you’ve ever seen with your eyes open.” (Rolling Stone)

00:04:31 Black Soil, Green Grass (Directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone // Dreamt by Lauren Wolkstein)
00:23:22 First Day Out (Directed by Josephine Decker // Dreamt by Lily Baldwin)
00:33:45 Beemus, It’ll End in Tears (Directed by Lauren Wolkstein // Dreamt by Frances Bodomo)
00:45:36 Everybody Dies! (Directed by Frances Bodomo // Dreamt by Josephine Decker)
00:55:41 Swallowed (Directed by Lily Baldwin // Dreamt by Daniel Patrick Carbone)

“collective:unconscious” world premiered in competition at SXSW 2016, and is now being made available for free across the internet.



Elvis Presley- Sweet Child O'mine (Rare)

February 22, 2021

NZ Now Have NitFlux

September 24, 2016