18 June

Flash Gordon - Cult classic newly restored in 4K

May 25, 2020

Moses Boyd - Stranger Than Fiction (Official Video)

July 7, 2020

BLACK LIVES MATTER - A comparison to then and now, cut to Michael Kiwanuka's song 'Black Man In A White World'

We are very pleased to share and support this video from @jkrippahne highlighting how the #BLM movement is such a similar incarnation as the movement for equality from 60 years ago.

Read on below directly from the Instagram post of @jkrippahne

Silence is violence.

That’s a phrase I’ve chanted at protests, in the face of cops who look just like me.

But as I protested more and more, I realized it wasn’t just cops that needed to hear that message. It was friends, family members, and anyone else whose privilege protected them from the realities of racial injustice.

Which is why we made this film. To prove that equality never came in 1964. And that the only way for the world to see change, is if we unite together and ignite it.

Share this video with people in your life that need to wake up. More importantly, listen to black people.

Here are some places I’ve donated to that you should also consider helping out:
The Bail Project
The Innocence Project
Black Lives Matter

Organize. Donate. Vote. #BlackLivesMatter *I do not claim to own the rights to any images, footage, or music shown above. Thank you to all artists giving this movement a voice. We just wanted to make something educational for everyone. What you see here is just a tiny sliver of racial injustice.
Music: Michael Kiwanuka – Black Man In A White World

Creative Partner: @jusjoomusic
Editor: @stephania.dulowski
Historical Consultant: @thecreoleking
Researchers: @shtadla & @mribieras


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Moses Boyd - Stranger Than Fiction (Official Video)

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