5 March

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February 6, 2019

Reebok - Storm The Court

March 18, 2019

Alberto Del Campo stars in ‘The Pole’ and laughs off the haters. 'I Love You Hater' from Sprite

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Under its new brand concept ‘It’s haters season, stay fresh’, Sprite has launched a new film featuring male pole dancing world champion Alberto Del Campo as he dances to the rhythm of a speech created using hateful comments about men who practice his discipline.

The piece is shot in a single take, vividly showcasing the dancer’s ability and strength. Choreographed by award-winning director and Los Angeles choreographer Jo Roy, alongside del Campo, the idea comes from the Santo agency with production by La Doble.

The piece is part of the wider ‘I Love You Hater’ campaign, which encourages keeping a cool attitude in the face of attacks by haters.


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Reebok - Storm The Court